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A series of bright testimonials.

Nowhere else is it as important to build a trusting and meaningful relationship with your future customers - as it is in childcare and education. 


As a means to gather compelling input from current parents and educators of Sunkids, we worked closely with their head office team to capture what makes Sunkids so special for their little ones.  






Education and Childcare

Type of Work

Brand Strategy

Sunkids - Burleigh Waters Showcase-9639.jpg
Watch the Testimonial Story

A story focussed on showcasing one of the beautiful Sunkids centres and what makes it a special place for these parents and educators.

Presenting a genuine story.

We isolated each centre’s core differences as individual communities and how they contribute to the overall Sunkids mission. Instead of a corporate driven message, each centre was then able to shine for who they really are. 


Using the kids’ favourite activities at their centre was the perfect distraction to let the action unfold and capture authentic behaviour from our star talent. 

Testimonials are the building blocks for a great Brand Story. 

With an impressive library of video content built - the Sunkids team had the foundations to share a compelling brand story about how they shine as a childcare provider. Helping them differentiate their offering in a highly competitive market, their brand story highlights their commitment to nurturing and educating children. 

Sunkids - Calamvale Central Photography-17.jpg
Watch the Brand Story

See all of their testimonials come together in this compelling brand story. 

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