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Growth through Creativity

ShareStory is a creative agency specialising in

brand design, video and photo. 

Your story’s important. Leave it in the best hands possible

You’ve mastered your craft, perfected your product and researched your market, the only thing missing is sharing your story with your audience in a way that truly resonates.

That’s where we step in. We’ll take your bright ideas and transform them into high quality, shareable assets that connect with your people.

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We’re in the business of unlocking a brand’s potential and sharing it with the world

We do this through: 


We’ll pull apart your big ideas and ambitions, piece them back together using our skills in design, video and photo, then share your story in a way that connects with your audience on a meaningful level.


We’re continuously pushing the envelope to deliver transformative results for our clients. We’re motivated by challenges and passionate about research.

Our people

It all comes down to our skilled, dedicated and (above all) optimistic team.
We thrive off collaboration with a fundamental aim to bring a brand’s potential to life.
Say hello below!

Creative Director

Andrew Barnes

With experience in marketing, sales and content execution, Andrew brings a unique combination of strategic awareness and an obsession for aligned creative execution. 


With an undying passion for seeing brands fulfil their potential, Andrew helps develop the creative ideas that grow your business.

Managing Director

Tony Martin

With experience in film and media production, sport/fitness marketing, and business operations, Tony brings a diversely creative yet analytical approach.


With an eye for detail and passion for his craft, Tony will lean on post-production techniques he’s developed over the decade to ensure your project brief is brought to life to the ShareStory standard.

Creative Producer

Samuel Dunstan

Samuel has a range of experience from customer service to production, advertising and marketing. 


He’s a strategic thinker who thrives on the ideation process to find and execute innovative solutions to help organisations tackle creative problems. Samuel especially enjoys working on narrative projects and managing skilled teams to elevate productions to reach their full potential.

Creative Content Developer

Peter Forsyth

From a young age Pete has been teaching himself the hows and whys of creative content, while fostering his passion for inspiring people through video production.


With over six years agency experience, Pete has the chops to carry a project through production, post production and all the way to delivery, without ever skipping a beat.

Senior Designer

Alexander Brown

Thanks to years of specialist experience in branding and design, Alex has solved creative challenges at both in-house and agency capacities. He takes pride in making the process simple, enjoyable, and stress-free for all stakeholders, no matter the situation. 


Alex's vast and in-depth skill set, combined with his experience working with clients from a wide range of industries, has equipped him to tackle your brand focussed brief with poise.

Creative Content Developer

Sam Hart

With years of experience under his belt, Sam has developed a diverse range of skills within the video production domain. His infatuation with getting 'one more take for safety' and genuine excitement for each and every project, always has the client at ease knowing that they're in safe hands.

Sam’s passion for collaborating with brands, blended with his extensive range of production and post-production skills, really is the right formula when developing your next project.


Let's share your story.

Are you ready to bring your potential to life?

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