Video Production services

Elevate your brand with premium video production.

We craft captivating visual stories tailored to your brand.

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Every year we are amazed at the creativity of the ShareStory team in coming up with a message that is sincere and on-brand, but heaps of fun (and funny!).

Kathryn Tyrrell
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It was an absolute pleasure to work with Andrew, Samuel and the rest of the ShareStory team. From briefing to delivery the whole process was easy, fun and most importantly met the expectations of our team.I would highly recommend ShareStory to any business looking to create a professional and memorable branding video. We look forward to collaborating on more projects in the future.

Daniel Rowe
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The team from ShareStory have great creativity, are professional and focus on excellence. They were a pleasure to work with!

Daniel Crump
Stuartholme School
Two people review a large screen with a production schedule and profiles, likely a planning session for a film or media project.

Video Production

Elevate your brand with storytelling that resonates.

Unleash your brand's story with ShareStory's expert video production. Stand out in the crowd, connect deeply, and leave a lasting impact. Let's make your message unforgettable.

  • Enhance brand perception.

  • Increase audience engagement.

  • Gain a competitive edge.

  • Drive business growth.

Video Plus Strategy

More than just video - it's smart, strategic storytelling.

We don't just make videos—we craft strategic visual experiences that align with your goals. Our creative experts turn your vision into impactful content that does more than just look great—it works smart for your brand. For every kind of video, from promotional clips to in-depth corporate narratives, trust us to deliver with intelligence and imagination.

  • Develop a compelling brand story through video.

  • Ensure versatility across various media platforms.

  • Incorporate videos creatively into your marketing mix.

  • Elevate every customer touchpoint with engaging video content.

Three individuals are engaged in video editing at a post-production studio, with multiple monitors displaying editing software and video footage. Two of them are seated at workstations, while the third stands and points to a screen, possibly instructing or discussing a point about the edit.

Our Process

The ShareStory Lightbulb Process

ShareStory ignites brand growth with powerful video storytelling. Our Lightbulb Process crafts compelling narratives to connect with your audience and drive success.

Stage One: Plug-in Call

Our journey begins with a Plug-In Call, an initial consultation where we get to know you, your business, and your video production goals. We actively listen, take detailed notes, and ask insightful questions to gain a crystal-clear understanding of your brand's identity and messaging objectives.

Stage Two: Illumination Workshop

In this engaging workshop, we delve into the heart of your video project, brainstorming concepts and storylines that align with your brand and target audience. Through a collaborative and creative process, we spark new ideas, challenge perspectives, and help you define the core message and emotional resonance of your video.

Stage Three: Create Sparks

Our team of experienced scriptwriters and storyboard artists transforms the selected concept into a compelling narrative structure. We craft a captivating script that engages viewers and effectively delivers your brand's message. The storyboard visually brings the script to life, providing a clear roadmap for the production process.

Stage 4: Bring It To Light

With a well-defined script and storyboard, our team of filmmakers, cinematographers, and audio engineers bring your video to life. We carefully execute every shot, capture high-quality footage, and ensure impeccable sound recording.

Stage Five: Reflect

The moment we've all been waiting for! In the Reflect stage, we unveil our rough cut and eagerly gather your feedback. We showcase our creativity and hard work, ensuring that every element aligns perfectly with your vision. Your feedback is crucial to fine-tuning the final product, and together, we'll make it even better.

Stage Six: Switch It On

Our meticulous quality check ensures that your final video exceeds your expectations in every aspect. We perform a comprehensive review, eliminate any imperfections, and present your video in a polished, professional format. This meticulous process guarantees that you receive top-quality work, ready to be activated and drive your business to new heights.

A young child holding a clapperboard sits in a chair on a film set, with production equipment and crew in the foreground.
A woman reads from a document while being filmed, with crew members operating the camera and sound equipment.


Your guide to captivating video content.

Dive into video production with ShareStory, your go-to partner for both new ventures and content elevation. We guide you from concept to post-production, ensuring a smooth and successful journey.

Contact Us

What types of video production services do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive range of video production services, including brand stories, testimonial videos, corporate videos, promotional content, event coverage, product demonstrations, educational videos, and more. Our team is equipped to handle various styles, from high-end advertising to documentary-style storytelling to animated explainer videos.

What involvement will our team have in the video production process?

Your involvement is as much or as little as you prefer. Some clients like to be involved in every step, from initial concept to final edit, while others prefer to provide initial direction and then leave the details to us. We encourage at least some involvement in the early stages to ensure we fully understand your vision and objectives. Regular updates and review sessions will be scheduled to keep you informed and involved in the decision-making process.

How long does it take to produce a video?

The timeline for video production varies depending on the complexity and length of the project. A simple promotional video may take a few weeks, while a more intricate project could take several months. We always strive to work within your timeframe and can discuss expedited options if needed.

Can you work within my budget?

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on being able to create high-quality videos that align with various budget ranges. During our initial consultation, we'll discuss your budget and outline a plan that maximizes value without compromising on quality.

How do you ensure the video aligns with our brand identity?

Understanding and maintaining your brand identity is crucial in our production process. We begin by thoroughly researching your brand, target audience, and market trends. Throughout the production, we consistently refer back to your brand guidelines and values to ensure the video strengthens and complements your brand identity.

Video Production case studies

Captivating, connected and considerate.

At ShareStory, we craft more than visually stunning videos. Our production is a blend of creativity, market trends, and your unique narrative. We create timeless video content that echoes your company's ethos and engages audiences.

Feast Over Fire

Making an online course that's a feast for the eyes.

See case study
Two workers in a metal workshop, one actively grinding a piece of metal with bright sparks flying, while the other observes, highlighting a moment of industrial craftsmanship.

R&F Steel Buildings

From sheds to showstoppers - Igniting a backyard boom with customer stories.

See case study


A campaign they used heaps.

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More stories

DMA Engineers Project Story

Watch the DMA Engineers Project Story.

For more than six years, we have collaborated with Kathryn Koch to create a variety of briefs tailored for her corporate clients. Kathryn shares a passion for crafting anything but the ordinary, employing creative storytelling to distinguish and elevate the profiles of her clients in the competitive professional services landscape. Explore what Marketing Consultant and Brand Strategist Kathryn Koch has to say about ShareStory.

Feast Over Fire Project Story

Watch the Feast Over Fire Project Story.

Together with fire master Charly, we helped take his in person cooking classes online! Feast Over Fire aims to bring these ancestral cooking techniques to a broader student community. Making the learning material digital helps them reach more people domestically and internationally with complete consistency! 

See what Charly, the co-founder of Feast Over Fire, had to say about his decision to take training online with ShareStory.

A five pointed star.A five pointed star.A five pointed star.A five pointed star.A five pointed star.

We engaged ShareStory following a referral - for our branding, brochureware, new website etc... The team are passionate, highly creative professionals. I would have no hesitation at all recommending their services and proposition.

Paul Hanley headshot.
Paul Hanley
Buxton Private Wealth
A five pointed star.A five pointed star.A five pointed star.A five pointed star.A five pointed star.

Highly recommend! The team at ShareStory are such a pleasure to work with. Their commitment and passion for achieving results is evident from the outset of any project. The team are a great balance of creativity and professionalism which has been hard to find in my 10+ years' experience in corporate marketing and comms.

Madison Campbell
Kilcoy Global Foods
A five pointed star.A five pointed star.A five pointed star.A five pointed star.A five pointed star.

It was a pleasure to work with the ShareStory team. The whole process was seamless from start to finish and we found their service and work exceptional. They were so easy to deal with and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Smiljana O'Brien
CPO Architects
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