Three vertical banners flapping in the wind against a clear blue sky, mounted on tall poles. From left to right, the banners are in shades of grey, lighter grey, and black, each with the 'amico' logo in large letters. The logo on the grey banners is in black text, while the logo on the black banner is in white text. The banners represent the 'amico' brand, suggesting an outdoor advertising or branding presence.
A campaign they used heaps.
Video Production

Weldclass, an Australian family-owned company, approached ShareStory to create a timeless advertising campaign that was distinctly theirs. We started by creating a unique concept that would appeal to a local Australian audience and serve as the foundation for future campaigns.

Resonating with the brand’s niche community.

To reach the local audience, we decided to use personable Aussie humour. So we created the character of Shane, a relatable Aussie bloke who embodied the Aussie do-it-yourself mentality and was obsessed with finding innovative uses for his new toy, a Weldclass welding system.

The practical gags throughout this campaign were actual stories or experiments that the Weldclass community had actually made with their kits. Really helping to connect the stories and the customer through creative.

This image presents two digital interfaces with the revamped 'amico' logo. On the left, a mobile phone screen shows a contact form with the heading "Let’s talk," while the right shows a desktop browser with the homepage of the 'amico' website, featuring the slogan "Boutique property developers devoted to building lasting life in Brisbane.
A brand style guide for 'amico' featuring the logo, color palette, typography, brand pattern, and icons. The guide shows different logo versions, primary and secondary colors with hex codes and CMYK values, a unique geometric pattern, and examples of icon design.
Planned as a powerful integrated marketing campaign.

From pre-production through to post-production, we created a complete set of adaptable creative photography and video content to accompany the campaign.

The project was a huge success, and it quickly spread throughout the trade and hobbyist communities. Propelling the Weldclass brand to new heights and making welding kits fly off the shelves at reputable tool retailers.

Three smartphone screens displaying different sections of the 'amico' website. The first screen welcomes visitors to the site, the second discusses the company's work in crafting life in Brisbane with images of housing, and the third highlights the 'amico' community projects with images of residential buildings.