From wobbly steps to wheelie great tricks – helping Ookkie kick off.
Video Production
Outdoor Recreation

The client:

Ookkie, a dynamic brand in the health and wellness sector, specializes in innovative kids' skateboards. Renowned for their commitment to safety and fun, Ookkie aimed to make a significant impact in the competitive e-commerce market during the crucial Black Friday and Christmas shopping seasons.

The challenge:

Ookkie needed to break through the online skate scene with their reinvented board. We had to help them captivate kids and parents with joyful visuals and trust-building content, boosting their sales and online presence during a crucial season.

The solution:

Ookkie's kid's skateboard launch was about safety and pure fun. We crafted their story through a charming video and inviting studio photos that captured the joy of wobbly first steps and confident strides. An instructional video added trust and made Ookkie stand out in the crowded online marketplace.

From board to banner – bringing Ookkie to life with video and photography.

At ShareStory, we excel in transforming concepts into vivid realities. Following our creation of a charming film featuring children enjoying their skateboarding moments, we focused on capturing ecommerce imagery that truly reflects the essence of the product. Our approach prioritizes creating a relaxed and engaging environment for our young models, ensuring their natural joy and confidence shines through in every shot. This dedication to capturing authentic and high-quality images is at the heart of our commercial and product photography services, helping your project resonate deeply with your audience.

Skateboard to billboard – versatile imagery for multi-platform success.

For the Ookkie skateboard project, our team at ShareStory embraced the challenge of creating images that transcend traditional boundaries. Understanding the diverse demands of today’s digital landscape, we crafted each photograph with the dual purpose of fitting seamlessly onto an e-commerce product page while also capturing the dynamic, engaging essence needed for social media. This adaptability was crucial in showcasing the Ookkie skateboard's unique appeal across various platforms. Our commitment to versatile, high-quality imagery ensured that every shot not only highlighted the product's features but was also adaptable for a range of marketing and advertising strategies. This approach is fundamental to our work at ShareStory, ensuring that projects like Ookkie's not only look great but also resonate effectively across all digital touchpoints.

From vision to vroom – Ookkie kicked off with success.

Reflecting on the Ookkie skateboard project, we at ShareStory are proud of the pivotal role we played in its success. Our collaboration with Ookkie was focused on producing not just images, but stories that resonated with their audience. We achieved this through a blend of engaging films and adaptable e-commerce imagery, encapsulating the spirit of fun and safety inherent to the Ookkie brand.