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Small business, big screen.

The creative rules on the project were simple, but challenging: without creating dread or horror, we needed to pique locals' interest in termite services. That meant no typical pest-related disasters such as crumbling buildings, pincers, or rotting wood.

At the outset, our content team began crafting the campaign's messaging. We hosted a "lightbulb discovery session" with the client to gain a thorough understanding of their goals and objectives.






Pest Control, Retail

Type of Work

Brand Campaign

Commercial Video


Watch the Campaign

See how we struck fear in the hearts and minds of homeowners at the cinema. With a simple game of show and tell at daycare. 

Motivating our audience.

Our lightbulb moment occurred when we considered a relatable fear that does not use typical pest visuals but is just as likely to move an audience: embarrassment.

We devised a humorous premise for the campaign: the only thing worse than having termites in your home was having your child tell their entire class about it.

A professional production for a humble SME.

We matched the idea with an iconic script. Then wrangled a troop of children and locked down a classroom to shoot this quirky comedic video. The end product was destined for cinema and social media advertising across South East Queensland.

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