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Talent Blueprint

Helping Talent Blueprint find Their Voice

The Talent Blueprint team recognised that over the years their brand had lost its way, with a fractured message and visual direction. They came to ShareStory to help find a new, unified direction for their brand.


Talent Blueprint




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Like many firms, Talent Blueprint had rapidly expanded. From its conception, the company had grown to include a host of new clients, expansion in its service offering and new team members.


While this busy period of success and growth was exciting for the company, it also meant that the firm struggled to maintain a consistent brand message and visual look.


ShareStory was tasked with elevating the brand's visual identity and messaging to bring it in line with its new phase of maturity. We established an in-depth style guide with supporting graphics and messaging, creating a cohesive and polished look for the firm.

Moving away from cliche corporate norms. 

Talent Blueprint are renowned for their awareness and savviness when it comes to the construction and engineering industry. Known for making the right hire, even in a tight market.


Our goal was to create a copywriting style that brought attention to how perceptive and in touch they are with the industries that they recruit for.  


Using this unique TOV was our antidote to corporate sameness. 


Where every firm touts that they build ‘trusted partnerships’ and ‘focus on their clients needs’ we wanted to create messages that proved it.

Selecting the right brand elements 

Drawing inspiration from the hiring process their consultants follow, we wanted to tip the hardhat to the Recruiting world. 


We recognised that the angular shapes in the Talent Blueprint logo could be used as a graphic device to represent how they carefully select candidates: with care, precision, and accuracy. 


We extracted this element and used it to frame the people in brand imagery, which created a recognisable visual style for the brand.

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