Evolving a brand through visual content.
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The client:

BLACKROC, a leading force in the Digital & IT recruitment landscape, boasting expertise across diverse disciplines like UX/UI design, product management, and cybersecurity.

The challenge:

In a saturated market teaming with competitors, BLACKROC struggled to position themselves as the experts they are. Their brand identity, while established, lacked the dynamism and sophistication needed to resonate with discerning clients and candidates.

The solution:

To elevate BLACKROC's brand, ShareStory crafted a symphony of solutions. Capturing stunning brand imagery and thought leadership videos, and subtly evolved BLACKROC's perception, ultimately attracting top talent and solidifying their position as a recruitment leader – a visual metamorphosis that made their brand sing.

Alt text: "An open-plan office space with white walls and large windows allowing plenty of natural light. The area is filled with black office chairs and desks with multiple computer monitors. Plants are strategically placed around the room, adding a touch of greenery. In the foreground, there's a lounge area with a brown leather couch and a couple of cushioned chairs. A large, lit-up sign reads 'BLACKROC' on the wall at the back of the room, and the overall atmosphere is modern and professional.
A contemporary office space with exposed ductwork on the ceiling and large windows, featuring a dark-coated dog walking through the room, workstations with multiple monitors, a whiteboard with sticky notes, and employees focused on their work.
Crafting premium, placement-specific content for BLACKROC's brand transformation.

In our strategic partnership with BLACKROC, we embarked on a mission to create premium content meticulously tailored for specific placements, enhancing their brand's impact across diverse mediums. Recognizing the unique demands of different platforms, our team at ShareStory developed a suite of visual and narrative elements, each uniquely crafted to thrive in its intended space. From the nuanced aesthetics of social media visuals to the professional tone of website imagery and the informative style of print materials, our content was designed to seamlessly integrate with each platform while maintaining BLACKROC's core brand identity.

Professional headshots of four individuals with their names and titles, set against an office background. The layout includes their roles and expertise in digital and tech, application development, and design.
A smiling woman in professional attire, standing by a window in an office environment.
A man in a business suit sitting casually in an office space with a lit-up 'BLACKROC' sign in the background.
An open brochure layout displaying professional profiles of company personnel with their photos, job titles, and contact information against a dark background.
ShareStory and BLACKROC's collaborative journey in crafting bespoke marketing content.

At ShareStory, our collaboration with BLACKROC's internal marketing team was not just about creating content; it was about creating synergy. We integrated closely with their team, immersing ourselves in BLACKROC's culture, values, and brand vision. This deep collaboration enabled us to produce content that was not only high-quality but also highly personalized and aligned with their internal strategies. We worked hand-in-hand with BLACKROC's marketers, ensuring that every piece of content – from dynamic videos to compelling photography – resonated with their specific brand message and audience engagement goals. This partnership approach allowed us to craft content that truly felt like an extension of BLACKROC, reflecting their unique identity and enhancing their market presence in a way that felt authentic and impactful.

A man in professional attire, smiling and standing in an office setting with glass paneling in the background.
A professional headshot of a woman in a corporate dress.
A film production scene in an office environment with a man holding a clapperboard, another operating a camera, and an individual in the background seated on a couch.
Two men in an office setting, one with a beard, both reviewing content on tablets while seated on a couch.
A bearded man in casual attire standing in an office, holding a clapperboard, making a peace sign with his fingers, with potted plants in the background.
Transforming BLACKROC's brand identity from unremarkable to distinguished with ShareStory's expertise.

Our comprehensive strategy included bespoke photography, engaging video content, and a cohesive branding approach. Collaborating closely with BLACKROC's internal marketing team, we ensured that our content aligned perfectly with their brand voice and objectives.

The outcome was a significant shift in BLACKROC's market perception, establishing them as a credible and respected brand. This transformation demonstrated the impact of targeted branding and content creation in redefining a company's industry standing.