Three vertical banners flapping in the wind against a clear blue sky, mounted on tall poles. From left to right, the banners are in shades of grey, lighter grey, and black, each with the 'amico' logo in large letters. The logo on the grey banners is in black text, while the logo on the black banner is in white text. The banners represent the 'amico' brand, suggesting an outdoor advertising or branding presence.
Talent Blueprint
Building a brand harmony that attracts top talent and discerning clients.
Branding & Design
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The client:

Talent Blueprint is a growing firm in the corporate and recruiting sector, known for its expertise in the construction and engineering recruitment industries.

The challenge:

As Talent Blueprint rapidly expanded, adding new clients, services, and team members, their brand messaging and visual direction became fragmented. This expansion, while marking success and growth, resulted in a lack of consistent brand identity and communication.

The solution:

First, we delved deep into the heart of Talent Blueprint. What made them tick? What were their core values, their driving force? Through insightful conversations and meticulous research, we unearthed a hidden gem: a passionate belief in finding not just the right candidates, but the perfect cultural fit. This became the cornerstone of our strategy.

This image presents two digital interfaces with the revamped 'amico' logo. On the left, a mobile phone screen shows a contact form with the heading "Let’s talk," while the right shows a desktop browser with the homepage of the 'amico' website, featuring the slogan "Boutique property developers devoted to building lasting life in Brisbane.
From silos to symphony – orchestrating a consistent brand identity.

Beyond the visual identity, we delved deeper, crafting an exhaustive style guide. This became the brand's beating heart, housing not just text rules but evocative graphics and finely tuned messaging. It empowered everyone to speak the language of Talent Blueprint with confidence, resulting in a brand that resonated as one, polished and poised for success.

Beyond buzzwords – Crafting Talent Blueprint's voice with authenticity.

Forget the corporate jargon and empty promises. We knew Talent Blueprint deserved a voice as unique as their meticulous approach to recruitment. We dug deep, immersing ourselves in the industries they navigate, understanding their challenges and passions.

From that foundation, we built a copywriting style infused with authenticity. No more cliches about "trusted partnerships" or "client-focused services." Instead, we painted vivid pictures of cultural harmony, talent synergy, and the thrill of finding the perfect fit.

A display of the 'amico' brand font, "Plus Jakarta Sans Bold," showing the alphabet in both regular and bold weights, in a large, white sans-serif font on a black background, demonstrating the typeface used for the company's visual identity.
The color palette for the 'amico' brand, showcasing eight colors. Each color sample has its name, hexadecimal code, RGB values, and CMYK values listed below it. The colors range from dark grey "Bunker" to light beige "Cararra," including shades of white, grey, brown, and muted green.
Finding inspiration in geometry.

Precision personified: Building Talent Blueprint's brand with geometric flairForget stock photos and generic icons – Talent Blueprint deserved branding that mirrored their meticulous hiring process. Inspired by their consultant's rigorous approach, we honed in on a powerful symbol: the sharp angles in their logo.

These weren't just aesthetics; they were transformed into graphic elements framing people in brand imagery. Each corner, each line, resonated with careful selection, precise matching, and unwavering accuracy. It was a subtle yet impactful message: at Talent Blueprint, finding the perfect fit is an art form.

Through a strategic overhaul of its brand presence, Talent Blueprint solidified its position as a leader in the recruiting industry, captivating both clients and candidates with its distinctiveness and maturity.