EcoGreen Solutions
How we polished a cleaning hygiene brand to shine.
Branding & Design

The client:

EcoGreen Solutions is a family-owned business with a focus on innovative hygiene solutions. Their formulations help their customers keep their water, air and surfaces free of toxic contaminants and bacteria.

The challenge:

In alignment with an ambitious schedule of product launches, EcoGreen Solutions needed their corporate brand to live up to their new innovative lines of products.

Their previous brand failed to align with their energetic, new age and technology driven ethos. So visually it failed to help them stand out at industry events and trade shows.

The solution:

They approached ShareStory to modernise their brand and position them as a leader in their space. We created a bold new brand with a simple icon and a refreshed suite of assets.

A new icon blooms.

Forget forgettable logos – EcoGreen Solutions needed a symbol that embodied their essence. We gave the existing icon a contemporary makeover: a vibrant green leaf intertwined with a glistening water droplet. This powerful icon pulsates with the dual forces of natural efficacy and environmental responsibility, reflecting EcoGreen's deep-seated values. It's a visual manifesto that says "clean doesn't have to cost the Earth."

Shedding the generic skin.

Imagine a superhero whose dazzling powers are hidden under a drab disguise. That's what EcoGreen Solutions faced – their revolutionary hygiene products deserved a brand that screamed innovation, not blended into the background. Their previous visual identity lacked the energy and tech-driven spirit that fuelled their mission. ShareStory stepped in, ready to peel off the generic facade and unleash the vibrant hero within.

A brand woven seamlessly.

The simplicity of the leaf-and-water icon became a chameleon, effortlessly scaling to fit social media avatars and packaging labels. The colour palette, reminiscent of nature's vibrancy, breathed life into brochures and website interfaces. Typography, bold yet approachable, found its home in both email headers and product manuals.

A cohesive brand ecosystem.

A brand isn't just a logo; it's a living, breathing ecosystem. ShareStory meticulously crafted a complete brand toolkit – a harmonious blend of refreshed colors, a dynamic typography system, and captivating imagery guidelines. This holistic approach ensures every brand touchpoint, from packaging to social media, sings in unison, amplifying EcoGreen's message across all channels.