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R&F Steel Buildings

More than just sheds.

R&F was a well-known and trusted name in their hometown of Gatton. They approached ShareStory with the goal of leveraging the reputation they'd earned in their local community and expanding it to capture new customers across the country.


R&F Steel Buildings




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Watch the Project Story

R&F Steel Buildings wanted to market themselves in an authentic but convincing style for their sales and marketing updates. They're a shed manufacturer from the Darling Downs region.


See what their marketing manager Josh Holopainen had to say about ShareStory and what it felt like to go through our creative process.

Much more than a steel frame.

Much more than a steel frame, in each shed, we uncovered remarkable stories of customers who had built a space where they could achieve their goals and realise their visions. We knew that by using emotive production and authentic storytelling, we could leverage these compelling stories to help R&F reach a wider audience.

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Watch the Brand Story

It’s more than just a shed. This brand film shows how different customers have built their businesses, their families and their passions around their R&F Steel Buildings.

We positioned R&F Steel Buildings as the local shed builder — no matter where you go.

Throughout this project, we were methodical and deliberate in our approach. Not only extracting real stories from real customers. But producing the project in such a way that we could deliver a variety of high-quality, adaptable content for the brand that can be repurposed for years to come.


A Series of Testimonials built on their Product Verticals

In order to cover the vast offering of construction types that R&F offer their customers we designed the testimonial series to showcase each of them. Capturing the best story and customer results from each product vertical has equipped R&F Steel Buildings with cinematic marketing material across their entire advertising and sales strategy.

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