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Making first dates great again

Firstbase exists to help you find love doing the things you love.


Ex-electrician and Firstbase Founder Will Parsons was struggling to find a spark using existing dating apps. He wanted to get people off their phones and out on dates. And so Firstbase was born. A friendship and dating app that matches people based on their hobbies, interests and passions, so they can find love doing the things they love.






App, Start Up Launch

Type of Work

Brand Strategy, Videography, Photography, Brand Design, Web Design, Copywriting

A match made in heaven. 

The Firstbase team had the mission, but weren’t sure on how to articulate their ambitious visions for what the app could be. As a trusted advisor, we worked with their team to bring the brand to life through launch content and then supporting marketing collateral to get the company off the ground in time for peak event season in Australia.

What Firstbase had to say! 

“After jumping into a start up finding good people has been a very hard. ShareStory have changed that bringing my ideas to life and making them better with their input. Very happy to work with such a professional bunch of guys and to continue into the future!” 

Will Parsons, Founder