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Evolving a brand through visual content.

BLACKROC reached out to ShareStory in need of original, high-quality content that would strengthen their brand's position in the market and allow them to more effectively communicate with their target audience.






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We partnered with BLACKROC over the course of 12 months to completely rejuvenate their brand visually. Helping them reposition themselves as the premium option in a sea of professional alternatives.


See what their Managing Director and Marketing Manager had to say about ShareStory.

Using a visual style for positioning. 

We conceptualised a collection of new forms of creative material that would propel the brand to new heights.Thinking about all touch points the brand had with their image on social media, website and print material.


We worked hard to give BLACKROC a professional look without diluting the distinctive spirit that sets them apart from lifeless corporate brands.

We brought the studio to them.

The ShareStory team set up at BLACKROC headquarters for a full day of content creation. There, we shot a wide variety of versatile brand imagery and team portraiture that was specifically created for use in both digital and print media.


Through the use of our photography, design, and video content, we were able to transition BLACKROC's image from a youthful, new firm into a mature, but not boring, team of experts. This refined image more accurately reflects the new stage in which the company is operating.

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Watch the Graduate Tips Story

Working with the expert recruiters at BLACKROC we build a content format for them to continue publishing internally. Building thought leadership with beautiful video destined for LinkedIn. 

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