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Carrara640 is a subsidiary brand of Kilcoy Global Foods. Representing the company's premium, high-end Wagyu offering for customers around the world.


Switching hats from the clean, global style of the KGF corporate brand the Carrara640 universe is targeted at being a restaurateur’s dream.


Kilcoy Global Foods




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Watch the Brand Story

A cinematic film as delicious and exquisite as the Wagyu itself.

Melt in your mouth content.

An intense focus on the quality of the steak is met with a romance when it comes to the sizzle. As this level of product is something that needs to be experienced first hand to believe. 


ShareStory has worked tirelessly to translate the experience for chefs as well as consumers to evoke a real sense of emotion about the product. Working with the talented executive chef Richard Ousby, we curated footage of culturally appropriate dishes to have the specific target audiences salivating. 

Communicating value through multi-sensory design 

Through the use of print textures such as raised spot UV - to emphasise the buttery marbling of the Wagyu - and a premium matte finish, we wanted to make the face-to-face interaction with the brochure a signal to the intricacies of the produce, leaving a lasting memory.

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