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Educational content doesn't mean university boring.

You have the power to use your industry knowledge and experience to build a product that people love. Through video and photo content, we help you plan lessons that take students on a tour through your skills in an engaging fashion.

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Educational content, Creative Flare. 

Our focus? Your students and audiences’ learning outcomes! We create high-quality educational video productions that help your students learn. 


Through our extensive experience in commercial filmmaking, we bring a creative approach to your learning material. This means that your course will have a higher production value and quality, which will help you and your audience derive more value from your content.

Commercial success through high quality education content.

Ultimately, our goal is to help you build a successful business from your expertise. We are ambitious and want to work with you to create an outstanding learning product. Our approach to shooting educational material is efficient and streamlined, which means that the process will be less painful for you. Trust us to create a high-quality educational video production that will help your students learn.


We Educate Audiences By Any Means Necessary 

In addition to video, we have expertise in multimedia, which means that we can create learning materials that go beyond just video. This will help you create a more engaging and effective learning experience for your students. With our understanding of branding, we can help you create a professional and unique course that is truly your own.


We understand your sales 
process and where this fits.


We pick the right speaker and 
write their questions


Lights, camera, action


Conceptualise the right story 


We set your speaker at ease


We edit their story together for 
maximum impact. 

Trusted by Thought Leaders of all Industries

We have worked with Jason Andrew of SBO Financial to produce high quality educational content. Spread across monthly thought leadership videos and multiple educational courses, the wizard from SBO and ShareStory have formed a close bond. 


See what Jason has to say about the ShareStory approach to education production.

Click below to set up a free lightbulb session with our creative director Andrew.

Make more than just Great Educational Content

Releasing a Course is more than just making some videos in front of a whiteboard. 


ShareStory can equip you with the content you need to build out world class educational products and courses. Everything from course branding, Learning Management System setup, marketing and advertising and learning resources design. 

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Filming an entire course in a week can be a challenge. We make it a fun process

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Incorporate video testimonials into your marketing plan today.

Click below to set up a free lightbulb session with our creative director Andrew.

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